Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

Dear Grandma!

Greetings from Heliogabalus, I hope this missive finds you hardy and merry! I have just returned from a successful adventure into the wilds of the Galena‘s on behalf of Sheriff Sporf’s acquaintance Master Silverblade‘s and the Chicane Guild. I have represented Rosebriar proudly with honor and in glory! What I am shocked to find out however is that this city is a hive of villainy… A guild of thieves called Tightpurse seems to operate brazenly and beyond the ability of the authorities to be stopped… Sad state of affairs… A small gang of thugs and thieves assaulted my companions and I in the city’s alleys. Those villains were hewn and hacked and laid low. I faithfully co-operated and testified to the Magistrates. It was then recommend that my company to get out of town. So now we head north to the Vaasan Gate to test our mettle against the worst Vaasa has to offer!! Give my love and affection to the rest of the clan!! Excelsior!!



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