Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

From the Journal of Tyengandrill

Night of Tarsakh 15, Year of Rogue Dragons
Jinx and a dwarf join us in the evening. Hathor Ironstar from the local township, well versed in demon lore makes swift work of the Demon Bile. He also instructs Reed Goodbarrel on channeling his energies and he is able to channel radiant energies with what he calls Ki. Hathor will accompany us assisting with purging the Demon Bile and fortifying our bodies. The priest just made this mission a whole lot safer.

Tarsakh 16, Year of Rogue Dragons
We follow the blood trail left by the feathered dire wolf and it leads us towards and finally into Mount Witt. The winding path crosses an area with a thirty foot black rock mound and an obvious dark gaping entrance. The blood trail takes a wide birth around the mound, so obviously we must investigate.

Inside the mound are two dead drakes undulating in purple goo. In horrid fascination we watch as it birthed a tiny flying lamprey-like creature no bigger than my fist. The light also reveals hundreds of them flying around the cave this way and that. Before we could even react they formed into a nasty swarm and were upon us. The noise they produce was maddening, dredging up primal fears of things that should not be. They were dispatched with flames and the Demon Bile eradicated.

The walls of the cave had goblin chalk drawings showing a shrine to Maglubiyet with a purple pool, a lopsided bugbear and a goblin covered in scares. It appears we are getting closer to finding and destroying the Demon Bile Pit. Defiling a shrine to Maglubiyet at the same time is such a sweet bonus!

The only thing we encountered on the trail up was an Owlbear, sitting quietly as could be, waiting for his next meal to come along. The corpse was dumped down the ravine and the wounds it inflicted where treated by Hathor and we continued upward as if it never happened.

The trail came to a small valley in Mount Witt that was lightly forested. In the distance we could see a plateau about thirty feet up and the edge was concave down to the ground. A fifteen foot palisade of wood surrounds the plateau with a single gate. The palisade and gate is covered by some unburnable substance and leading up to the gate is a wooded and rope stairway.

Much discussion was had on the proper way to assault this well fortified camp. Reed wanted a straight forward frontal assault, up the rope ladder and knock down the gate and into the fray. Jinx must have just learned a new spell while he was way as every plan had to include Flog Cloud. He is literally squirming where he sits needing to cast it. Gazlowe is finally tapped to do some quick scouting by the plateau to look for another way up.

Surprise! Goblin scouts in the trees sitting in a tree blind, cunning little bastards. Soon they were burned out and slaughtered, but not before sounding a horn and rousing the camp. We prepare ourselves for an assault, but nothing happens. I place a flaming sphere on the log gate, but the wood appears to be treated with some academical solution that is acting as a retardant to the flames.

We fade back into the woods to try and determine how to overcome the fortifications.



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