Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

Missive to Palischuck

Greetings Uncle Justinian. I hope this letter finds you healthy and seeped in Tempus’s glory. I send it from the Shrine of St Kruspin, the Foehammer’s house in Helioglabulus. Battleguard Ezekiel Hekrit leads the Temple here with honor and has welcomed me. He has continued my training and finished my rites, elevating me to Battleguard in our faith. I have spoken to him about possibly setting up an exchange program with the Holdfast so the young ininiates of our faith can have a richer and diverse experience of how we honor the Foehammer.

I remember the stories you told me of your youth in Melvaunt and how majestic that city was compared to Palischuck. I can only say the size and scale of Helioglabulus was mind blowing at first. There is much intrigue here and while enjoyable for a vacation I don’t think I would be willing to set roots here. I prefer a home where the enemy is in the field or at the gates instead of in the halls of power and sneaking about behind your back. The largest thieves guild hides openly and it takes me every ounce of restraint from marching in the front door and laying waste to them. I cannot wait to get back to the road.

That leads me to the real reason for this missive. Palischuck and Vassa are in grave danger. Remnants of the Witch King’s forces are setting plans in motion to rise again. An organization known as the Adepts of the Black Flame seeks a new Demon Lord to replace Orcus and provide fiendish might to thier cause. Even worse I feel this new organization seeks evil worse than Zengi. I feel they want to tear the barrier between the Abyss and Vassa apart and merge the two lands. They are led by the vile witch Arleu ’Vorlesh. I beg you to consult and brief the High Steward and the Chief Defender on the documents I have included. Convince them to quietly set the eyes and ears of our people to search out clues to these villians and work against them. I am traveling to Ironspur with my new companions to deal with some enemies they ran afoul of earlier. Hopefully I will be able to stop home on the return.

Until then, Glory and Honor,
Pagu Haraadar



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