Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

Off to the Surinak's Manse!

“I was only sleeping on the wagon ride on to the way to the Surinak’s Manse because staying up studying spells was the only thing I could do to drown out the noise that poor hin was making during your couplings last night,” said Adept Tai, the elven mage shuddering a bit from the memory. He continued rebuking the gnomish Knight Ser Buckthorn, “So it’s not my fault you wasted whatever fury, you need to conserve wisely, on some preliminary encounter. Saving that peasant being menaced by the chittens needed not your full fury. You sir, need to be wiser.” Without looking up from scribing in his journal, the commentary is delivered in the beautiful elven cadence that both is and hides pity and contempt as the Magnificent Seven (or eight, but whose counting) rest up and recover from their battles in the ruined master bedroom of the Surinak’s Mansion, they remenice about their encounters.

Standing guard by the door the dwarven warrior Ulfgar says, “We had two swell battles in a row though once we got here. That big one by the gate with those Abyssal Maws and guardian drake and then once we got inside we had that grand melee with the chittens and their spider woman monster priestess in the ballroom.”

Testing himself by Balancing himself on the top of a broken chair with a missing leg , the hin monk Reed Goodbarrel laughs and says, “don’t forget Hathorn and I using our golden glow to destroy all that demon bile in the stables. If we weren’t here it wouldn’t matter how many things you guys chop to bits a pond of bile that big is a good as a old fashioned portal to the Abyss!” The other dwarf, Hathorn the priest of Moradin, chimes in, “Well it’s Moradin’s grace that allows me to do what I do but it pleases me that we cleansed our Realm of that menace.”

“Nothing beats the crazy doppelganger and her imaginary marble egg,” declares the hin bard Hallorin Poorleaf, “It’s soo good I might have to make a song about it,” while smoking his pungent pipeweed. “Let the record show I followed the plan,” interjects the half elf bounty hunter Jynx, “The whole way!”

The last companion, the snirfiblin Gazlowe, stays hunched over the iron cobra construct that defended the master bedroom and examines it with his lockpicks and tinkering tools for most of the rest.

“Aight boys, let’s get ready to go burn this swarm of flying Abyssal pests to ash,” says the gnome Knight as the company gathers and girds itself and marches to the basement entrance in the kitchens.

Adept Tai summons his flaming sphere and the company lures the Abyssal swarm of tiny flying manta rays with lampray mouths out from the basement. The swarm issues a evil enchanting gibbering that induces a state of confusion amongst its victims. The heroes stay strong for the most part and bombard the swarm with alchemist fire while cornered by the flaming sphere. Despite the grievous wounds caused by the swarm the Magnificent Seven carries the day and sets forth to investigate the hidden chambers in the Surinak’s basement….



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