Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

From the Journal of Tyengandrill

Tarsakh 16, Year of Rogue Dragons
A two phase assault playing up to each individual’s strength. Reed and Gazlowe will scale the ropes and barricade on the side while the rest of us charge up the rope bridge to the gate. Ser Buckthorn and Ulfgar will use a battering ram to smash the gates. Jinx will provide cover at the gates with a Fog Cloud spell. As they sprinted to the rope bridge with Jinx well in the lead it went as planned. Gazlowe and Reed, like a pair of monkeys, where topside in a matter of seconds. Jinx sprinting up the bridge tripped something mid way. A jar dropped onto the bridge and broke open. I expected some alchemist fire, but it was Brown Mold, which covered the middle of the bridge. As Ulfgar and Ser Buckthorn attempted to jump it a goblin appeared and threw some alchemist fire onto the mold and it expanded, nearly freezing my companions.

This left Hathor and I stranded at the bottom. While our companions battled gobliniods and wolves we attempted to climb the robe bridge. It was not graceful nor was it successful, actually it was quiet painful. Ultimately I concentrated on my training and started the Bladesong and was then nimble enough to get to the top and join the battle. Whoa momma, I have never seen such an enormous dire wolf nor have I heard of a bugbear cleric. “Deskari take You!” was his last scream before he exploded in viscera and purple goo. The buzzing madness from the demon insects comes together now, the influence of the Demon Lord Deskari.

It appears the Gobliniods where being tricked by the bugbear cleric. The ‘temple hut’ adorned outside to venerate the goblin gods was inside a veneration to Deskari, Lord of Locus Host, Usher of Apocalypse and the Demon Bile Pit which was well rolled in. There was also a intricately detailed statuette of the Deskari, no brutish goblin work. I would have preferred to destroy it, however, Ser Buckthorn pocketed the vile thing after I determined it had no magic aura.

A girl was found in a cage, one of the missing young adults from the town. Her name is Nixa and she was able to relate a few tidbits of information. She states that she was abducted from inside of town. She received a note from Gellion to meet in the orchard and when she arrived no one was there. She woke up with a lump on her head and in the care of a bloated man. She was taken to this encampment and caged. She saw the bloated man giving instructions to the bugbear cleric and she was questioned about Ostrav and she states their plan was to feed her something and send her back to town. When questioned about the bloated man, she could only describe him as if he was a person overfilled with something that his bodily features stretched to the point of almost bursting that they disappeared.

Tarsakh 17, Year of Rogue Dragons
We return to Ostrav and report to the Mayor Trinelli. We give a full report of our encounters and the request that she intercedes with Nixa, it appears she plans on leaving to search for her missing companions. Mayor Trinelli pays us our fee and provides us permission and the key to investigate the estate. She reiterates the request for the documents of any sacrifices be brought to her. Since she broached the subject, I further question the reasons for such a request, as at least two generations have passed and her previous reason does not make sense. She then tells a story of the Surinak executions. It was ‘common knowledge’ that the Surinaks where demon worshipers, as the saying go “it was known”. So it appears the town folk gathered the family of House Surinak and hung them all with no evidence. They hung nobles to whom they owed fealty to, based on gossip and the Surinak’s underestimated the Mob. The ruling classes should really read their histories in more details. Anyways, Mayor Trinelli wants evidence that supports the town folk’s actions. Once again I wonder why, considering the human concept of time, is this important now? Has a Surinak survived the purge and may come seeking revenge or ruler ship? The House would still be considered the legal rulers; if it can’t be proven that they were demon worshipers.

Mayor Trinelli’s got a bigger secret and now I am super curious. What a delicious drama and more demons to purge! What does Reed and Ser Buckthorn yell again when raising their cups?….Hu-Zah!



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