Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

From the Journal of Tyengandrill

The Surinak Accounting

The Surinak Manor was a vile den of Chitins and Demon hosts. I will allow my companions revile you in stories of their glory. I will relate the facts as observed and uncovered, though proper research into the matter will require time. We were successful and will deliver the wagon load of documents back to her honor Mayor Trinelli.

The Bloated Man was a creature calling itself Worm Gnash. A large demon worm stuffed into the skin of some man. It will no longer be searching for victims.

It appears that a Marcus Surinak was quiet an adventurer and and skilled at posions and traps. He returned from one of his trips with a new woman called Eshebe and a child named Lucka. Once they returned they were married, however they had no other children. After there marriage there appears to be many deaths in the Surinak household, enough to leave Eshebe as head of the House. Lucka died of poisoning is appears and one would guess as an accident which seemed to put Marcus into a depression as he locked himself away to purse research in his labs.

Eshebe started her demon sacrifices with the destitute before moving onto servants and workers. It appears that one household member’s bad judgment in women doomed the whole House. I leave the details to those more interested in the matter. Surprisingly the list of sacrifices was very detailed. Who records there misdeeds in such a detailed fashion?

I could not find any reference to a Surinak Hunting lodge or any reference of Slaghtergarde in the documents and this was cause for disappointment. Only one picture in the main hall shows any type of hunting lodge. We will try to locate it by referencing the picture’s background. Marcus was a huntsman and liked his hunting trips. There has to be some type of link here.

Of final note: Both crypts of the Baron and Baroness was empty. Did the townsfolk hang them or did they get away? I’ll have to ask Ms Trinelli.


Marcus returned with only Luca and entered into his arranged marriage with Sadiri Dioso. When Luca died from consuming some poisonous berries, Marcus locked himself in his labs and the servants began disappearing.

From the Journal of Tyengandrill

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