• "Jinx".  Tel-Jornix

    "Jinx". Tel-Jornix

    The locals call me Jinx, but then it's bad luck for someone else.
  • Halorin Poorleaf

    Halorin Poorleaf

    A sly storyteller long of wind, short of stature
  • Pagu


    Physically imposing grey skinned warrior with bright blue eyes and a joyful smile
  • Tai


    Light-hearted and always at ease, Tai is good natured and always has a smile ready. It's his personality that is offensive....
  • Ulfgar Hammerfall

    Ulfgar Hammerfall

    A seemingly typical gruff dwarf warrior out to make his name in the world?
  • Xenos Sunstrider

    Xenos Sunstrider

    Lightly skinned human caster with calming aura around him
  • Agrit Staginsdar

    Agrit Staginsdar

    Palischuk - Alchemist and Arcane Tutor
  • Alfric Oderbry

    Alfric Oderbry

    Heliogabalus Old Quarter - Prelate of the Cathedral of All Men
  • Angus Silverblade

    Angus Silverblade

    Heliogabalus - Former Adventurer
  • Areelu Vorlesh

    Areelu Vorlesh

    Leader of the Blackfire Adept
  • Asheron Coyl

    Asheron Coyl

    Heliogabalus - Art Collector and patron living in the Hill District
  • Banak


    Remnants of Zhengyi's Forces - High Priest of Orcus
  • Battleguard Justinian of Cromm's Holdfast

    Battleguard Justinian of Cromm's Holdfast

    Powerfully built warrior of mixed human ethnicities with a blonde mane of hair framing a huge smile
  • Beatrice BeyWinn

    Beatrice BeyWinn

    Carmathan - Rosebriar - Head of House BeyWinn
  • Bluto Fleetfoot

    Bluto Fleetfoot

    Heliogabalus - Former Adventurer
  • Caleb Bartoff

    Caleb Bartoff

    Heliogabalus - Old Quarter - Petty and Ruthless minor official
  • Cantoule


    Monastery of the Yellow Rose - Grandmaster of Flowers
  • Celedon Kierney

    Celedon Kierney

    Young and good-looking, Celedon is a master thief and magician.
  • Connal Tranth

    Connal Tranth

    Baron Tranth's age has begun to catch up to him. He looks tired and weary.
  • Count Giles Rosby of Rivervale

    Count Giles Rosby of Rivervale

    A corpulent noble more at ease with a quill than blade...
  • Dallen


    Priest and Death Speaker of Sehanine in Heliogabalus.
  • Dimian Ree

    Dimian Ree

    Age has not diminished this man's air of authority. Though his hair and beard are graying, he exudes the confidence and nobility.
  • Donlevy the Young

    Donlevy the Young

    This young man has barely seen 24 winters. Blond hair frames an attractive face, not quite as naïve as the courtiers around him suspect.
  • Dormythyrr


    Brave and handsome, Dormythyrr is wise beyond his 25 years.
  • Emelyn the Gray

    Emelyn the Gray

    Emlyn the Gray is 60 years old, gaunt, with white hair and long white beard, and quite feeble in appearance.
  • Ezekiel Hekrit

    Ezekiel Hekrit

    Keeper of the Monastery of St. Kruskien
  • Faelyn


    This white-haired elf wears the holy symbol of Labelas Enoreth
  • Friar Dugald

    Friar Dugald

    Friar Dugald is an immensely fat man who wears monk's robes and has a shaved pate.
  • Gareth Dragonsbane

    Gareth Dragonsbane

    Gareth is charismatic and brave, a military leader of great ability.
  • Halgra of the Blackened Blades

    Halgra of the Blackened Blades

    Rageborn female, Chief Defender of Palischuk
  • Hathor Ironstar

    Hathor Ironstar

    This younger dwarf has bright gray eyes, which stand out from his earthen skin and coal-black hair.
  • Helmont the 15th

    Helmont the 15th

    This dashing noble has expertly coiffed hair and wears the latest fashions.
  • Heresta Tarlan

    Heresta Tarlan

    Professor of Charms, Enchantments, Herbalism, and Item Lore
  • Isabella Bonespeaker

    Isabella Bonespeaker

    Nar Shaman, Professor of Planar Lore and Necromancy
  • Jaida Aldane

    Jaida Aldane

    Heliogabalus - Knight Commander of the Sanctum of the Stainless Soul
  • Jasper Oscamedes

    Jasper Oscamedes

    Professor of Abjuration and Diviniation at Granmalkin Academy
  • Kane


    While you sense the age and wisdom of this older man, he looks far younger than he seems.
  • Knellict


    Knellict is a magic-user of great, but unknown, age. Most who know of him feel that he is well into his second or third century, but the wizards past remains shrouded in mystery.
  • Kraig Karridian

    Kraig Karridian

    Now deceased, a statue of this blond half-elven fighter graces the center of Mistmoor Castle's bailey
  • Krynn Sallasar

    Krynn Sallasar

    Large and powerfully built Dragonborn with rusty reddish scales wearing half-plate armour, and carrying a mighty two handed sword
  • Kurtho Brokentooth

    Kurtho Brokentooth

    Innkeeper of the Copper Stein in Ironspur
  • Magdel Dycote

    Magdel Dycote

    Assistant to the Patriarch of the Cathedral of All Men
  • Marindyl Truesword

    Marindyl Truesword

    Marindyl is an elven cleric in service to Corellon.
  • Myrddin Viligoth

    Myrddin Viligoth

    With black hair and dark eyes, this young man looks haunted yet powerful, as if he's been through a grueling experience, but made it out with his soul intact.
  • Myrkos


    Commander Mykros is a quiet, observant man.
  • Olliver Jowett

    Olliver Jowett

    High Priest - Cathedral of All Men
  • Orbash


    The shirtless Rageborn (don't call him a half-orc), sees the merchant's wife watching him while he practices with his latest "weird" weapon. He grins, showing his slightly elongated teeth and flexes, making the young woman dash off.
  • Pentadrone 1298

    Pentadrone 1298

    This creature looks like a starfish atop 5 mechanical legs.
  • Riordan Parnell

    Riordan Parnell

    Handsome, youthful, and with a ready smile, Riordan Parnell is a bard as willing to steal a kiss or a song as he is the Duke's jewels.
  • Rombastle Falgeringer

    Rombastle Falgeringer

    Professor of Illusion, Conjuration, and Elemental Magic
  • Sandra Trinelli

    Sandra Trinelli

    The Mayor of Ostrav is a woman approaching middle age with mousy brown hair and a worried furrow across her brow.
  • Sara Morninghawk

    Sara Morninghawk

    Female Rageborn blacksmith of Palischuk
  • Seamus Suos Bois

    Seamus Suos Bois

    This savage druid wears blue dragonscale armor and a headdress of antlers.
  • Ser Buckthorn BeyWinn

    Ser Buckthorn BeyWinn

    Unusually large gnome warrior, meticuloussly groomed firey red moustache and beard
  • Sheila Heidmarch

    Sheila Heidmarch

    This tall, raven-haired woman commands the rooms attention when she enters.
  • Sylvia Praka of Ostel

    Sylvia Praka of Ostel

    Sylvia's light-blond hair frames a face which has just begun to show her age. A low-cut dress accentuates her features.
  • Talia


    This red-headed beauty dresses in form-fitting leathers.
  • Tarkos Ree

    Tarkos Ree

    This swarthy, middle-aged man carries himself like a prince. He is usually shadowed by two large bruisers.
  • Telari Avondal

    Telari Avondal

    Telari is the Archmage of the Magician's Guild of Heliogabalus.
  • Teldon


    Teldon appears to all as a kindly, powerful, sarcastic wizard who uses humor as a tool to teach as opposed to punish.
  • Telmuth Vidari

    Telmuth Vidari

    The tall, gruffly handsome man looks about a decade younger than his sixty-one years. He wears his thick black hair cut short, and he dresses fashionably but not ostentatiously.
  • Timoshenko


    This imposing fighter shows a hint of either Tuigani or Shou blood, having a slightly exotic appearance.
  • Tithus Corelian

    Tithus Corelian

    Professor of Transmutation, Evocation, and Alchemy
  • Tygart Varvatos

    Tygart Varvatos

    Old, grizzled Rageborn Cleric of Tempus in Palischuk
  • Valgard Conlan

    Valgard Conlan

    Commander of the Vaasan Gate
  • Verbaun Tal

    Verbaun Tal

    Headmaster of Apprentices at Granmalkin Academy
  • Vintra Marktunsel

    Vintra Marktunsel

    "I'm tellin' ya, that one, she's got some dwarf blood in her for sure."
  • William Horgath

    William Horgath

    Nicknamed the Lazy by his people (though not in earshot). William sits on the ducal throne of Arcata and regularly drinks himself into a stupor.
  • Woodamine Sporf

    Woodamine Sporf

    This rock gnome warrior has a disarming smile and quick reflexes.
  • Zhengyi


    Presumed destroyed, Zhengyi the lich, also known as the Witch-King, has forever altered the history and politics of the Bloodstone Lands.