Agrit Staginsdar

Palischuk - Alchemist and Arcane Tutor


Rageborn female wizard and alchemist

While most in Palischuk wear armor, this curvaceous, Rageborn woman wears dresses and silks. Angrit styles her long hair in the manner of many Damaran women. She is seen with all manner of pouches on her belts when not in her shop, but only carries a single dagger for a weapon.


Angrit is the only daughter of a long line of warriors who lived in Palischuk, she disappointed her family greatly when, after only a few years of studying the arts of war, she insisted on turning her attentions to arcane magic. She sees the study of magic and the arcane as the next step in establishing the Rageborn among the more “civilized” races of the Bloodstone Lands. Her store, the House of Wonders, doubles as a school for those who wish to study magic and see if they possess the ability to wield spells as well as (or instead of) steel.

Though she’s built quite a fine business for herself, her family still feels strongly that her place is on patrols outside the town—and her relations are none too pleased that her childless marriage to Sara Morninghawk has ended the Staginsdar line. Agrit tends to be violently defensive about her life choices, but lights up when talking about her work or teaching the town’s other burgeoning arcane casters. The last male who made advances on Agrit found himself blown a dozen feet away from her with just a whispered word. When the embarrassed Rageborn male drew his battleaxe, his entire body went rigid and he fell to the ground on the spot. By the time he could move again, Agrit was long gone. None have repeated the folly.

She’s always eager to examine unfamiliar magic items, and anyone who appeals to her sense of wonder and mystery can sometimes convince Agrit to identify a magic item for free. She doesn’t compete directly with Gorkis Meeson from That ‘n’ Such, and enjoys her conversations with the more-proficient apothecary.

Agrit Staginsdar

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