Angus Silverblade

Heliogabalus - Former Adventurer


A dashing rogue, prone to wearing wide-brimmed hats. He is known for wearing a long glove that looks like silver on his weapon hand.

Still a dashing figure, Angus Silverblade is known for his quick wit, sharp tongue, and propensity to get into trouble. His goatee is not showing signs of graying, but those who look beyond the outward signs see a man who is still athletic and vibrant. The fact that he often has an attractive woman or two on his arms (at least when Talia isn’t around), speaks volumes.

Described by some to be quick and sharp of both tongue and blade. Angus fancies himself a jack of all trades. While he has adventured solo on many occasions he most enjoys to be in the company of a few trusted allies.

In a crowd of nobles and the wealthy he is easy to dismiss. He is undoubtedly callous and boisterous. But to those that know him, they realize it to be a practiced face. A mask that allow him to be underestimated by potential enemies. And there is never a shortage of enemies.

But his friends also know him to be good-hearted and generous. While he always lives as lavish as possible, his companions know that for the treasures they have taken through the years, Angus has squandered, wasted and donated more than he has ever taken in. Making up for some sin in his past that only he remembers. But the type of debt that one never feels is repaid.

When the jig is up there’s one thing that Angus know how to do better than almost anyone else in all of Faerun.



A transplant from Sembia, Angus Silverblade made his name adventuring in the Bloodstone lands with his companions Bluto Fleetfoot, Garath “Mistmaster” Blackhand, and Woodamine Sporf, among others.

During one particular adventure in Sorovia, Angus “let it slip” that he was related to King Gareth Dragonsbane. Angus was eventually “persuaded” to appear before magistrates in Bloodstone City.

Agnus has spent the last few years in Heliogabalus, enjoying all the city has to offer. In one surprising misadventure, Angus met Talia. Their meeting has always been clouded in confusion, something about a missing gemstone, a dead noble, and Angus being the main suspect. Together they managed to clear Angus’ name and finger the actual assassin, who happened to be a Tightpurse goon. No one ever knows what happened to the gemstone.

Although he ran afoul of the King’s advisors, the swashbuckler seems to have impressed King Gareth enough to have avoided any major consequences of his actions. He is now considered a “friend of the court”, which doesn’t place him in good standing in his home of Heliogabalus, new home to Baron Dimian Ree.

Oh, and Tightpurse still has a beef with the swashbuckler, something about a missing gemstone

Angus Silverblade

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