Areelu Vorlesh

Leader of the Blackfire Adept


This dark-haired beauty exudes sexuality.


Areelu Vorlesh started her career as a Vaasan Witch, using mind-affecting magic to make doubt creep into one’s actions or to charm people into believing her words, and then causing them grave misfortune. Her charm became so powerful that it also affects monsters and animals.

She is also rumored to be an exceptional dancer using blunt sexuality in her dance moves. Her dance, it is said, is so enchanting that it is dangerous to behold – anyone who sees her dance cannot control his body and starts to dance as well.

Attracted to his power, she made contact with Zhengyi who introduced her to the power inherent in demonic beings. She became a devotee of Orcus.

Under Zhengyi’s tutelage, she began researching weak points between the material world and the lower planes, primarily interested in opening stable portals to the Abyss.

After Zhengyi’s fall, and the withdrawal of support from Orcus, Areelu seeks to pledge herself to another Demon Lord, since Orcus himself proved to be disappointing. She desires power above all.

Areelu Vorlesh

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