Beatrice BeyWinn

Carmathan - Rosebriar - Head of House BeyWinn


An attractive and vibrant middle aged gnome woman. Confidence exudes from her, probably owing to the well worn sword and wand tucked into her belt.


When the great glacier began its last retreat from the lands that would someday be known as Damara, all the Sylvan folk of the Earthwood knew one thing was coming and that thing was humanity. The Green Prophet knew this and organized a small village at the easiest ford of the Icemelt River to be the place of communication and commerce. This community would come to be known as Rosebriar.

Two clans initially settled Rosebriar, the BeyWinns and the BoldBerrys. Of the curious Sylvan folk willing to settle this close to humanity, one forest gnome patriarch named Borris BeyWinn rose to be the first Rontiindor (High Lord) of Rosebriar and his house held that position for several centuries. A century ago Beor BeyWinn died and his son Balorn was found lacking the bona fides to convince the community to be Rontiindor and it passed to the BeyWinn’s rivals the BoldBerry. It was a scandal because the BeyWinn most likely to win the trust of the community was Beatrice but she left RoseBriar several years before to lead the life of an adventurer.

Beatrice returned several decades later, a seasoned Eldritch Knight, with a young child and no husband. She claims her mate died gloriously in battle, but scurrilous rumors claim the father was a satyr from Myth Drannor. Despite the scandal, Beatrice’s formidable talents make her one of the community’s top defenders and she has risen to be leader in the community. Quietly she schemes to bring the Rontiindor back to her clan.

While the BeyWinn and BoldBerry clans began sparring over the title of Rontiindor, Rosebriar was visited by a rock gnome adventurer named Woodamine Sporf. After leading the village’s defenses against a goblin raid and defeating a few rampaging monsters targeting the village, Woodamine was named Sherriff.

Beatrice understands and supports Sheriff Sporf’s position as liaison to the greater world and hopes to have his support the next time the Rontiindor is available. Recently her grandson Buckthorn was knighted for his heroism in saving a Carmathan envoy ambushed by a goblin band. This honor to the family has been offset by his loutish behavior since. To keep her plan on course, this brash young warrior is being sent “on mission” to season his skills and hopefully grow up a bit before returning home and become a solid chip in her scheme.

Beatrice BeyWinn

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