Bluto Fleetfoot

Heliogabalus - Former Adventurer


Bluto appears to be the stereotypical stout Hin, complete with a pipeweed pipe and bare, furry feet. He has a habit of appearing and disappearing at the most inopportune times.


Bluto Fleetfoot had already had a storied career as a rogue before joining up with Kraig Karridian and company. A member of many adventuring bands, Bluto ended up with his companions in Vaasa. Not liking the wilderness, he and Angus Silverblade moved the Heliogabalus, though they stayed in touch with the others.

He and Angus have made a name for themselves, sometimes as troublemakers and other times as heroes in the city. Angus tends to be more involved in the happenings of the city, while Bluto just shows up at times, usually adding to the chaos.

While Bluto has always been adventurous, his friends are starting to think the Stout in him is catching up to him. He has purchased an old burrow in the Halfling Downs, right in the center of town and seems to be spending more and more time in that peaceful, agrarian, community. He has befriended many of the local leaders and seems to be settling in “just fine”.

Bluto can occasionally be found visiting his friend The Mistmaster at Mistmoor Castle.

Bluto Fleetfoot

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