Celedon Kierney

Young and good-looking, Celedon is a master thief and magician.


Handsome, young, and adventuresome, Sir Celedon is a hero in the truest sense of the word—he always shows up when he is most needed. A master thief and a skilled magician, Celedon is a powerful ally. He possesses many magic items, including an ebony fly figurine of wondrous power and a defender sword.


When the trouble is over, Celedon’s true character shines through. He is a lover of wine and women, a prankster who often enrages his closest friends, particularly the somewhat stuffy Gareth Dragonsbane. Celedon has little regard for titles or station, and views “etiquette” as an invitation to have fun.

An original member of the company of heroes that rose against the bandit army in Bloodstone, Celedon served as Commander and Chief Scout in the Bloodstone Army throughout the war years. In the final battle with the Witch-King, when Gareth and company traveled to the Abyss, it was Celedon who stole the Wand of Orcus. This heroic act effectively ended the war.

Today Celedon continues his heroics as a leader of Spysong, the Bloodstone scouting network. As chief spy in the Galenas, Celedon has been working to discover the whereabouts of the new Citadel of Assassins and the bandit army. However, he is presently encamped on Suncatcher Mountain investigating the strange cloud that has enveloped the spire. Celedon suspects that the cloud is a magical kingdom of cloud giants, but he wants a closer look before reporting to Riordan Parnell. He tells himself “It’s not wise to make assumptions,” when he feels the need to justify his delay. In fact, he knows that cloud giants might have a bauble or two he could take before the army rolls in.

Celedon Kierney

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