Christine Dragonsbane


Queen Christine Dragonsbane of Bloodstone, is the most influential woman in Damara, even above Baroness Sylvia of Ostel. Somewhat aloof and haughty with most people, Christine nevertheless understands the diplomatic demands of her station. She is the wife of Gareth Dragonsbane.


Christine inherited her title when her father, Baron Tranth, gave the throne of Bloodstone to her new husband. Had she not married, Christine would soon have become the Baroness anyway. Tranth could see she was ready to rule, and no one in Bloodstone doubted her ability to lead them. When the bandit army first appeared, before Gareth and his friends arrived on the scene, Lady Christine was the first to stand up to them. By the time Gareth and company rolled into town, she had already organized the militia.

Gareth knew when he married Christine that she would be his partner, not a subservient wife. Christine has taken an active role in Bloodstone’s rise to power, acting as the principal emissary to two very important allied groups, the centaurs and halflings of the region. She is a druid, and Gareth a paladin, but neither one considered that either of them should change their religious callings. Gareth and Christine have a wonderful marriage and plan on a large family as soon as the situation in Damara settles down.

Christine Dragonsbane

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