Connal Tranth

Baron Tranth's age has begun to catch up to him. He looks tired and weary.


Baron Connal Tranth was a powerful warrior in his day. At 60 years old, his body is slowly fattening. When not in the presence of his family, he looks as if the years of fighting have worn him down.


The Baron of Bloodstone is perhaps one of the most influential people of the Damara in the last century. It was Connal Tranth who saw something in the young paladin Gareth Dragonsbane and granted the untested paladin control over his forces when the bandit army of Vaasa attached Bloodstone Pass in 1359. When the young paladin emerged from the Bloodstone Mines, having routed the minions of Orcus, the Baron named Gareth head of his Baronial Guard.

By the following year, Gareth was betrothed to Connal’s daughter Christine, but another crisis delayed their marriage. The Duke of Arcata attacked the Barony. Gareth again rallied the diverse people of Bloodstone Vale and defeated the Arcatan army with minimal bloodshed. In victory, he offered the Arcatan Commander, Myrkos, safe passage back to Arcata with the remainder of his forces intact. This deal is referred to as “Gareth’s Gamble”, and proved to be a deciding factor in the Bloodstone Wars.

Within two years, Gareth had united the various provinces of Damara under his banner. On Gareth’s marriage to Christine, Connal abdicated his title, allowing Gareth and Christine to rule the Barony of Bloodstone jointly.

Gareth frequently asks his father-in-law to take his place in his absence, and it is rumored that the Dragonsbane may reinstate Connal when it comes time for him to move to Heliogabalus.

Connal truly comes alive when with his new grandson, and the years of warfare and oppression under the Witch-King seem to slide away, revealing the man he once used to be.

Connal Tranth

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