Dimian Ree

Age has not diminished this man's air of authority. Though his hair and beard are graying, he exudes the confidence and nobility.


As Gareth Dragonsbane’s principal rival for the throne, Dimian Ree is deeply and firmly rooted on the seat of power in Heliogabalus.

He bears the title of the Baron of Morov and is a rightful, though distant, heir to the title of King of united Damara. Cruel and ruthless, Dimian Ree wants power and will stop at nothing to achieve it. To this end, the Baron of Morov surrounds himself with powerful allies, and enthroned behind a wall of intrigue.

It is no secret that Dimian Ree is first cousin to Tarkos Ree, presumed head of Heliogabalus’ infamous thieves’ guild, Tightpurse. This tie hurts Ree’s esteem in the farm communities, but actually strengthens his position in the city provinces. Few wish to cross the thieves’ guild, especially not the merchants of Heliogabalus.

Dimian Ree claims Ilmater as his god, as he must in order to win the allegiance of the Damaran people. He attends services regularly, but actions speak louder than ritualized words. It is apparent, to his critics at least, that this man is a godless tyrant, without concern for punishment to come in some unknown afterlife.

Ree blundered badly when he refused to send his army to support the army of Bloodstone in their struggle against the Witch-King. Ree expected Zhengyi would prove victorious once again. When the Witch-King fell, Gareth was hailed as a hero, and the Baron of Morov had to work furiously to salvage his position.

Presently, Dimian Ree appears to have recouped his losses; his position is strong once again. His primary ally after the thieves’ guild is Baroness Sylvia of Ostel. Sylvia’s allegiance is assured by her certainty that, if Dimian Ree falls, she will surely follow.

Dimian Ree

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