Donlevy the Young

This young man has barely seen 24 winters. Blond hair frames an attractive face, not quite as naïve as the courtiers around him suspect.


Looking closely, this young man seems somewhat wiser than his 24 years would suggest. His eyes show an intelligence which quickly glazes over once his Uncle begins lecturing him on the trials and tribulations of a Baron of Polten


Born in 1356, Donlevy the young was barely a winter old when the Witch-King struck. His father, Donlevy the Old understood the threat posed by Zhengyi, so sent the boy into hiding in the eastern village of Tellerth. In Tellerth, the young heir Donlevy lived disguised as a farmer’s boy. Official word said only that Donlevy the Young had been taken ill and died and a state funeral was even held.

In 1362, Gareth and his companions succeeded in taking back Damara from the hand-picked regents of Zhengyi. Donlevy the Young was brought out of hiding.

Still only a boy of 16, Donlevy made his return from Tellerth at this time. To save his own hide, Donlevy the Old’s cousin Zorth quickly stepped aside for the rightful heir. However, the youth’s Tellerth counselors did not understand the situation in the capital, so Zorth remained as an advisor, as did many of his cohorts. Those faithful to Donlevy recognize the peril, but Zorth has placed himself close to Donlevy. So far, he has deflected all warnings to the new baron.

Growing up a farmer’s boy has had a great influence on Donlevy. Though his young age still enables his Uncle Zorth and the other province leaders to manipulate the young lord, he is not quite as “wool-headed” as they think. He is leaning to supporting King Gareth, but knows that his life is in peril should he act too quickly.

Donlevy the Young

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