Brave and handsome, Dormythyrr is wise beyond his 25 years.


Dormvthyrr is a thoughtful man, slow to anger, one who trusts his common sense. Most importantly, he is absolutely dedicated to the Duchy and to its place in the region as a whole. He is firmly behind Gareth Dragonsbane and the proposed Kingdom of Bloodstone.


When times seemed darkest for Duchy of Brandiar, when the Witch-King had once again sent his forces crashing through the province, a single man rallied the Duchy into unity and brought precious reinforcements to the army of Bloodstone. That man was Dormythyrr, a simple farmer tilling his fields on the outskirts of Goliad.

Brave and handsome, and wise beyond his 25 years, Dormythyrr won the hearts of Brandiar’s people, and the friendship of Gareth and company alike on that fateful day.

He assumed the stewardship of the empty Ducal seat, and he remains there today. But the Witch-King completely eradicated Brandiar’s noble line, and it is increasingly obvious that soon Dormythyrr will be officially declared Duke of Brandiar.

However, when the kingdom was formed, the approval of the council of lords (consisting of the various Dukes and Barons) is required to raise a family to nobility. Thus, until Gareth can find a way to gain a majority on the council, Dormythyrr remains a steward.


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