Emelyn the Gray

Emlyn the Gray is 60 years old, gaunt, with white hair and long white beard, and quite feeble in appearance.


Emelyn the Gray would like nothing better than to settle down among the centaurs of Warrenwood and pursue mild scholastic challenges. This is quite a change from his youth, when he was an ardent adventurer looking for excitement and the acquisition of knowledge and spells. When age started to catch up with him, he retired to teach magic in the centaur academy he founded.


The war with Vaasa destroyed the school, and ended his hopes for a peaceful place in which to pass his twilight years. Nearly 60 at the time, Emelyn took up his staff of the magi and set out. He joined up with Gareth and company soon after, rounding out the group with his powerful magic.

During the ensuing rise of Bloodstone, Emelyn took as his apprentice the daughter of a baker, Gabrielle, who hopes eventually to become Emelyn’s wife. With the help of Lady Christine, they began rebuilding the centaur school, seeking the quietude Emelyn desires.

He is and always has been a complainer, to say nothing of being absent-minded and sometimes bumbling. But in times of true danger and need, Emelyn is as powerful an ally and as deadly a foe as anyone would ever know.

Emelyn the Gray

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