Halgra of the Blackened Blades

Rageborn female, Chief Defender of Palischuk


The older Rageborn woman’s hair is going gray, and she is often seen with at least a half-dozen children encircling her. Past the matronly exterior, one notices a practiced warrior who keeps a clear eye on her surroundings. She speaks with almost everyone she passes asking about the weather, crops, their shop or craft, and all manner of trivialities.


For almost the last 20 years, the position of Chief Defender has been held by Halgra of the Blackened Blades. When Colgran Spleenfist was overthrown, the leaders of the rebellion settled on the idea of a council, rather than a new chieftain. As one of the leaders of the rebellion, Halgra was one of the first councilors, along with Tygart Varvatos, and soon was elected Chief Defender from among the Councilors.

A Palischuk native, Halgra left the town at a young age to become an adventurer, fighting and raiding her way across Vaasa, Damara, and all the way up to the Great Glacier. She finally returned at the age of 42 with a veritable throng of children in tow, all from different fathers, and settled in to spend the rest of her life defending her home. Though Jagrin Grath now guides the patrols and raiding parties, Halgra is still a mountain of a woman and quick with her trademark lamp-blackened swords, and her deft politics and tactical acumen mean that no one can honestly challenge her fitness to lead.

Halgra of the Blackened Blades

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