Halorin Poorleaf

A sly storyteller long of wind, short of stature


The Poorleaf’s for generations have always been apart of the well known Dragon Flight Performers caravan. The caravan would travel south through Impiltur and The Great Dale during the winter months and head north through Narfell and Damara by summer. However, the Poorleaf’s are not the performers, they are the laborers, the make-up artists, the stage builder’s.

Halorin, the fifth child of this generations Poorleafs, wished to break tradition of travelling with the caravan and head out on his own. He knew he was not meant to follow the laborer path of the Poorleafs and he showed talent in the arts of performance and song. But a long standing contract, foolishly signed by the late Dunkif Poorleaf, prohibited any Poorleaf from performing within the caravan or any place the caravan would be staying for the time being. Dunkif had turned his family into indentured servants to the caravan.

The family was none to pleased of such talk, but Halorin was determined to head out on his own and seek what the caravan would not give him.

One year while the caravan was in the region of Damara, Halorin took his chances and left behind the caravan and his family. Halorin would keep himself to the northern regions when he wanted to practice his craft, for the Dragon Flight Performers spent more time during the fall, winter and early spring in the southern regions of Impiltur and The Great Dale.

The first several months were rough for Halorin. Being young and unknown made playing in taverns and inns a very giant task for the little hin, especially one without an instrument to play on.

But Halorin meet a drunken monk one night that changed everything. Not only was the monk a hin like himself, the monk was bolsterous and interesting person to be around. Never was there a dull moment when the monk got too drunk and some low life tavern drunkard challenged him. Sometimes it was more than one.

Halorin instantly used these brawls to create exuberant tales of the Hungover Monk. The wild tales became popular among the middle to lower class tavern halls, especially if Halorin could goad a foolish drunkard or two into taking up the challenge to see if the stories were true.

But the fortune and fame was not coming as well as Halorin may have wanted. Between the buying of instruments and the amount of booze he and his new found friend went through, there was little to go on.

Halorin decided it was time to find work that could better hone their skills at. It was at this time when he and the monk found themselves at the Adventure’s Rest Inn.

Halorin Poorleaf

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