Hathor Ironstar

This younger dwarf has bright gray eyes, which stand out from his earthen skin and coal-black hair.


The first thing you notice about this young dwarf are his eyes, which are a light gray color and stand out against his earthen skin and coal-black hair. He has a holy symbol of Moradin hanging around his neck and etched into his shield, but both symbols show a stein under the anvil, the symbol of Moradin’s daughter, Fingril, Goddess of Brewing.


Hathor Ironstar hails from Orothiar Hall in Bloodstone Pass. Growing up with stories of the dwarven cleric Grimjaw, he was determined to follow in his heroes footsteps. He threw everything into his studies and rarely left the temple of Moradin as he matured. Although his primary devotion is to Moradin, he did develop a fondness for Moradin’s daughter Fingril, Goddess of Brewing. Grimjaw’s body was recovered somewhere in Vaasa and returned to Orothiar Hall. He seeks to become worthy of Moradin, and to recover Grimjaw’s weapon, known as Aesirfang, which was not on Grimjaw’s corpse when it was found.

His single-minded devotion to a purpose or goal sometimes gets in his way, but he believes that when pursuing a goal, let nothing distract you. He has recently taken a room at the Vaasan Gate and is earning money healing returning adventuring groups. He uses this time to collect stories about Vaasa and hopes to uncover clues leading to Aesirfang’s return. He seeks to join groups heading into the wilds of Vaasa, even if only on a short-term basis.

Hathor Ironstar

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