Helmont the 15th

This dashing noble has expertly coiffed hair and wears the latest fashions.


Helmont the 15th makes every effort to appear noble. He is attentive to his people and often shares news of the atrocities committed by the usurper Gareth Dragonsbane. Helmont has his pulse on the latest news and shares this information freely with his subjects.


Helmont the 15th was born Theodorus. The brother of Dashard Devlin, he didn’t appear on the scene until Dashard’s death at the hands of the vile wizard Emelyn the Gray. Helmont the 15th has used his brother’s information network well, letting his people know that their lives would be much worse under the usurper Dragonsbane. He has recently had to contend with the lies Dragonsbane is spreading about his birth. The usurper has even conned the prestigious Monastery of the Yellow Rose to try and corroborate the falsehoods.

If only his people would let him know who started these rumors. He is beginning to ask Carmathans to turn in neighbors they believe to be seditious, all for their own benefit (of course).

Helmont the 15th

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