"Jinx". Tel-Jornix

The locals call me Jinx, but then it's bad luck for someone else.


The South End is Curious place. It like a city within the city. One can find just about anything here. And eventually, most everyone that comes to this city; they pass thru Southie sooner or later. My people are here as well. The Cluster around an area known as Seldrinar. It made my decision to stay in this area easy. I have tried not to set down roots for the eventuality that I may have to move and move quickly but when you do what I do. Familiarity happens.

I wasn’t even here a week when a silversmiths Daughter had run off with the son of a miller from the farmers district. I as living on the street, befriended by some local urchins when they told me of the silversmith and her plans for the Miller boy. It took a few hours but I was able to track them both down near the North gate inside the Foreign Quarter. They were returned home without the involvement of the local magistrate or (castration). Which is why the millers wife Norein always has I crook of stew and some juicy gossip should I need it. And the silversmith keeps a ready bedroll and lantern in the shop attic in case I need a place to stay. As of late I find I have been staying there more often. But Missary doesn’t mind the extra armed guard. Then there the several apothecaries and herbalist in the South End. There’s money to be made in escorting those in need guard and guide while searching for the rarer herbs of the trade or bits of Elk horn and the elusive petrified eye of newt. I have gotten familiar with a few of the Southie guards as well. I’ve been known to help a few out when they were in a jam, but Ive also learned to just avoid some all together. But far and away my favorite local color is Calagan the tinker. A gnomish fellow always ready with a story and a smile as he works on some contraption or repair. So I guess I’ve put down a few roots. But their allies and friends. They are also my eyes and ears. Like I said earlier. Eventually if you come through Damara then you go to Heliogabalus. And if you pass thru this city, then eventually you go thru Southie; and if he passes thru Southie: I will know about it.

"Jinx". Tel-Jornix

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