Knellict is a magic-user of great, but unknown, age. Most who know of him feel that he is well into his second or third century, but the wizards past remains shrouded in mystery.


Knellict is a quiet, brooding man who makes little impression upon those first meeting him. The practice of his dark arts has resulted in the mage forfeiting much of his humanity, and thus he seems withdrawn and quiet toward others. Even when enraged, Knellict displays little emotion, preferring to achieve revenge through deeds rather than words.


There may be no more dangerous a man in all the Forgotten Realms than this quiet, unassuming wizard. Perhaps the biggest regret of Gareth and his friends is that, although they have twice routed the bandit army, the Arch-mage Knellict continues to elude them.

Knellict rose to power over years, or perhaps centuries, of obsessive study. Nevertheless, he remained fairly anonymous until he became the Witch-King’s principal advisor. Zhengyi himself learned to fear this emotionless mage, and shipped him off to the Grandfather of Assassins.

Knellict enjoys his present role in the Grandfathers organization. It was Knellict who first suggested that the Citadel go underground and knit ties with Tightpurse, the thieves’ guild in Heliogabalus. His advice is never taken lightly, even by the Grandfather of Assassins, and Timoshenko rapidly set the plan into motion. The Grandfather might have seen the wisdom of the mage’s plan, or perhaps he was simply afraid to argue the point. Knellict has a very free reign, and the whole bandit gang is devoted to the service of evil.

For several decades before the great war, Knellict was a powerful adviser to the King of Vaasa. During that horrible conflagration, the archmage served as an ambassador-at-large for his King, and performed major combat roles in several key battles.

In fact, Knellict’s services were so significant that the King began to worry about the magic-user usurping power that justly belonged to the throne. Consequently, an abortive assassination attempt was made on Knellict’s life.

The assassins still live (as very ill-tempered cockroaches), but the wizard decided to move on. His services have been appreciated by the Grandfather, and the army he serves with now is one that Knellict readily appreciates, for it is devoted to the service of evil.


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