Kraig Karridian

Now deceased, a statue of this blond half-elven fighter graces the center of Mistmoor Castle's bailey


The leader of a band of companions who traveled Faerun seeking adventure, Kraig and his band eventually ended their career in Vaasa soon after Gareth Dragnsbane’s defeat of Zhengyi.

Using treasure from their long adventuring career, Kraig, along with Gellor Shadow-Stalker, Gareth “Mistmaster” Blackhand, Kitara of Lathander, and others began construction of Karridian Keep on the ruins of Moortown in Vaasa. Their companions Angus Silverblade and Bluto Fleetfoot chose not to stay in Vaasa and continued adventuring throughout Damara, returning to the construction site of Karridian Keep occasionally.

On a subsequent adventure, Kraig and Gellor were slain. The Mistmaster continued construction on the Castle, eventually renaming it Mistmoor Castle. The Mistmaster commissioned statues of Kraig and Gellor to grace the outer courtyard.

The other companions eventually went their own ways, though many stayed in the region. Bluto and Angus are officially retired from their adventuring careers and can now usually be found living it up in Heliogabalus.

Kraig Karridian

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