Kurtho Brokentooth

Innkeeper of the Copper Stein in Ironspur


Kurtho Brokentooth has retired to Ironspur as an Innkeeper after a long but not very distinguished career as a mercenary. His Inn, The Copper Stein does rather well catering to visitors of Ironspur who would feel more welcome in an establishment that asks no questions of its patrons other than “What’ll ya have?” Local dwarves have accepted him as he keeps much of the riffraff as well as foreigners from venturing too far into the halls of Ironspur as they find his Inn more to their liking.

Locally famous for his family recipe of Orcish Boar Blood Ale, Kurtho brews it on site and keeps the ingredients a secret. The only certainty is that it most definitely contains actual fresh boar blood. An acquired taste is the general opinion.

Kurtho does not like to talk much about his past and extends the same courtesy to his patrons. His journeys have given him a passable knowledge of quite a few languages.He is fluent in Dwarvish and Gnomish and he can actually speak understandably a bit of Elvish. No one knows if he is a full blooded Orc or not and Kurtho isn’t saying. All the better for his reputation some say.


Kurtho Brokentooth

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