Count Giles Rosby of Rivervale

A corpulent noble more at ease with a quill than blade...


The House of Rosby were loyal bannermen of the Bloodfeathers during the initial settling of Damara. In particular they were premier members of the cavalry. The settled in and guarded the northern part of Carmathan becoming rich horse traders in addition to feudal lords under the Bloodfeathers.

Haldane Rosby bravely led the cavalry in the vanguard for King Bloodfeather on that fateful day at Goliad. His younger brother Giles was the Deputy Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ravensburg and was spared in the culling of Damara’s best nobility. That culling also took down the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ravensburg, Lord Edmund Vigilis. So in the brief span of a week Lord Giles rose to be both the head of his house and the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ravensburg. Intensely disliking the day-to-day drudgery of his office, Lord Giles farmed the Exchequer off to a distant cousin and settled into his new title as Count of Rivervale.

Lord Giles still has the shrewd eye for horseflesh his family was known for but lacks the skills of rider and warrior. He does have a keen sense for economics and book keeping and has been jokingly said to be able to spin twelve coppers out of a silver!

Lord Rosby enjoys a good drink and is a sucker for a gallant tale. He is fond of traveling his County with his young trophy wife, Hanna, and imposing upon the local Lords while making sure the taxes and such are in proper order.

Lord Giles has two sons from his first wife and one young daughter, Heidi, from his new one. The older son, Lord James Rosby, maintains the family estate in Rivervale and is a dour cavalry commander in fine family tradition. The younger son, Ser Camden Rosby, is a part of the Carmathan retinue in Heliogabalus and is more the tourney lancer and courtier.

Count Giles Rosby of Rivervale

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