Myrddin Viligoth

With black hair and dark eyes, this young man looks haunted yet powerful, as if he's been through a grueling experience, but made it out with his soul intact.


Myrddin looks younger than a mage of power should look, though wise beyond his years. He has a somewhat haunted look, as if he’s seen some things he’d rather forget.

Myrddin is a very private person. He only recently took the god Ilmater as his patron deity and is enthusiastic, if not preachy, about his new faith. He accepts those whose ways deviate from his own personal code, but he has no tolerance whatsoever for evil.


Myrddin Viligoth was raised in the land of Thay and came to practice magic in the towers of the vile Red Wizards. Like so many of their very young recruits, Myrddin did not realize the true nature of these evil wizards until he had been among them for many years.

Unlike many others, Myrddin had the strength and courage to flee this evil band and their wicked land. He came to Damara shortly after the fall of the Witch-King and sought out the heroes who had defeated Zhengyi. Powerful beyond his years, he carried warnings to them of the potential threat represented by Thay.

Emelyn the Gray took the still-young wizard under his wing.

It was Myrddin who saw that Gareth’s plan for a new kingdom needed grassroots support in the south. When Emelyn stepped aside to crate the Gary College, he took over the Twilight Riders. The Riders straddle magical steeds which Myrddin creates using a sunhorse spell. With this spell, Myrddin creates enchanted steeds from the last rays of sunset or the first rays of dawn. These magical mounts last 24 hours, until the next respective setting or rising of the sun.

Myrddin Viligoth

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