Commander Mykros is a quiet, observant man.


Powerfully built, Myrkos eyes dart to and fro, as if tactically sizing up his surroundings. When he speaks, he seems to select his words carefully and pays close attention to any responses he receives.


As Commander of the Arcatan Ducal Guard, Mykros is Duke William the 8th’s right-hand man. However, Duke William does not control the man, for Mykros’ undying loyalty is directed to the kingdom as a whole. He feels that its brightest hopes lie with the heroes who threw down the Witch-King and Mykros is actually in league with Baron Gareth of Bloodstone.

He will take an interest in a party of any note who comes into Valls, the Arcatan capital. If he judges a party to be honorable and worthy, he will inform them of the opportunities awaiting them at the Vaasan Gate and steer them toward Bloodstone.


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