The shirtless Rageborn (don't call him a half-orc), sees the merchant's wife watching him while he practices with his latest "weird" weapon. He grins, showing his slightly elongated teeth and flexes, making the young woman dash off.


This young muscular Rageborn (he ignores anyone who uses the term half-orc) is often found practicing with the latest “weird weapon” that his shop has purchased. He often practices shirtless, much to the delight of the various merchants’ wives and daughters who seem smitten with this ultimate “bad boy”. Orbash knows he has an audience, and loves the attention.

Except for his grayish skin tone and elongated ears, Orbash looks like a very muscular human. His teeth are only slightly elongated (no tusks). He knows that the human women watch him, and has become somewhat arrogant about it.


Orbash is the son of “Weird” Wingham, who spent his youth adventuring as the leader of Weird Wingham’s Wacky Weapon Wielders, a band of Rageborn (Half-Orcs) who were based in Palischuk.

Years of adventuring made Wingham very rich, and his wife and son in Palischuk enjoyed the fruits of his career. A few years ago, Wingham decided to settle down, shattering Orbash’s dream of traveling with his father’s band.

As the Vaasan Gate was being built, Wingham gifted a magical blade to Commander Valgard Frewin, general of the forces of the Vaasan Gate. In return, the troupe was granted the rights and the chamber space to open a trade shop at the Gate. Since Wingham prefers to live in Palischuk, he has given the shop to his son Orbash.

Orbash has turned out to be fairly good merchant, but enjoys spending his time practicing with the latest exotic weapon that has found its way into his shop.


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