Rombastle Falgeringer

Professor of Illusion, Conjuration, and Elemental Magic


Romabstle in younger, for a gnome. He maintains a serious demeanor and holds himself aloof from the students and adepts. With a short glass of spirits by the evening fire, some playfulness comes out as he creates masterful illusions of people, places and events for comedic relief.

“While the Element Chaos offers a source of power, nothing is more powerful than a person’s own mind”


Rombastle, Professor Rom (or Falger) for short, is determined to be an upstanding role model and professor for the college. He does have a sense of humor, which comes out when he’s not careful.

Professor Rom, as his students know him, is the epitome of a stern, yet caring instructor. He brushes off gnome jokes made at his expense and tries to show the city that gnomes are serious practitioners of the mystic arts.

Motivation: Professor Rom expects respect and compliance and brooks no backtalk or disobedience in his lectures.

Rombastle Falgeringer

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