Sara Morninghawk

Female Rageborn blacksmith of Palischuk


This large, Rageborn woman has a shaved head and biceps that rival most of the Rageborn males in Palischuk. Although the wields a hammer in her work as the town’s preeminent blacksmith, Sara always keeps her mother’s greataxe strapped to her back. When she knows she’s being watched, she often flexes her biceps, putting on a show for the onlooker. She smiles and gets a gleam in her eyes when she gets a reaction.


Sara’s mother, a member of the White Worm Barbarian tribe, arrived in Bloodmarch Hill one day pregnant and uninterested in talking about her past. Sara inherited both of her parents’ size and strnegth, and enjoys arm-wrestling the males of Palischuk when not working at her forge. The fact that Halgra considers her a leader and nominated her for Councilor still surprises Sara.

Though technically Morninghawk’s Fine Steel, this smithy is better known by its nickname “Clamor” due to the constant pounding of hammers that thunders from it during the daylight hours. Sara cares little about her mixed heritage, save to note that it gives her “proper shoulders to work the forge.”
Morninghawk oversees all of the metalwork for the town, including several apprentices specializing in different aspects of the trade. Sara’s well aware of the eyebrows some folks raise about her marriage to Agrit, but she cheerfully responds with a flexed biceps. Before he left for the Vaasan Gate, Sara was great friends with Orbash, Weird Wingham’s son. The two shared many inside jokes, usually at the expense of the more stoic and hidebound residents of Palischuk. Since Orbash’s departure, Sara seems to have quieted down, but the gleam in her eyes when she wins at arm wrestling against a Rageborn male who considers himself superior, says otherwise.

Sara diligently plies her trade during daylight hours, retiring to her home in the inner quarter to spend the evenings with her wife Agrit Staginsdar. She and Agrit face the continuing disapproval of Tygart, the High Priest of Tempus in Cromm’s Fasthold.

Sara Morninghawk

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