Seamus Suos Bois

This savage druid wears blue dragonscale armor and a headdress of antlers.


Looking like a totem spirit, you see a hint of elven features. Around his waist, he has a belt of skulls and shrunken heads and his necklace is made from the teeth of various creatures.


Seamus was originally one of the companions of Kraig Karridian when he and his band made their way to Vaasa. When Kraig and Gellor Shadow-Stalker died, Seamus and the Mistmaster found themselves at odds over how to proceed.

Mistmaster continued the work on Kendrick Castle, Now Mistmoor Castle while Seamus took to the wilds of Vaasa. At some point Seamus either became corrupted or chose a path of war against civilization. He is a wild card in the lands of Vaasa, killing any who would try to impose order on the lands.

Seamus has a particular vendetta against Mistmoor Castle and the Mistmaster.

Seamus Suos Bois

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