Sylvia Praka of Ostel

Sylvia's light-blond hair frames a face which has just begun to show her age. A low-cut dress accentuates her features.


Like her closest ally, Dimian Ree, Baroness Sylvia of Ostel proclaims Ilmater as her god. Most people seriously doubt this, for the wicked baroness hardly behaves like a follower of the god of suffering. She surrounds herself with luxury at the expense of her hard-working people, and has personally witnessed more than two dozen executions of her political opponents. Others present at the time report she wore a vile look of satisfaction on her face.

Sylvia’s power in Praka is firmly rooted; she has charmed or frightened all the landowners in the city to her side. But outside of that city, the baroness is truly despised, especially within the boundaries of her own province. Sylvia is not blind to the opinions around her, nor is she stupid enough to believe that the shelter of Praka’s walls will protect her forever. She is a desperate woman, grabbing onto Dimian Ree’s coattails as though her own life depended on his success—as it probably does.

Similarly, the baroness will grasp for any party of PCs near Praka who have attained any notoriety at all. If they are obvious supporters of Gareth Dragonsbane, she will seek to have them captured or killed. If they have professed no allegiance, Sylvia will try to use her considerable wiles to woo them into her court.

Sylvia Praka of Ostel

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