This red-headed beauty dresses in form-fitting leathers.


Talia is an attractive woman with shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes. She moves with the gracefulness and sensuality of a cat and often wears clothing that accentuates her figure. Of average height, Talia is trim and lithe. She often wears low-cut bodices and smirks when the men around her get distracted.


Talia will tell others that she was born on one of the farms of Brandiar. Always bright, intuitive and insanely curious, Talia excelled at finding ways to get into trouble as a youth. By the time she was a teenager, she found that the boys fell all over themselves to get her attention. Before she was sixteen, her father and mother arranged a marriage to one of the local farmer’s sons, hoping that a family and responsibility might tone down Talia’s excesses.

Talia is quick to point out that her “betrothed” was actually a pleasant and attractive boy “as only farm boys can be”, but she made the decision never to be controlled. Stealing out in the middle of the night, she made her way to Heliogabalus.

Once in Heliogabalus, Talia quickly caught the attention of many a young man and more than a few young women. While she never sold herself, nights of attending fancy restaurants and gifts of affection were easy to come by. She moved among laborers, merchants, professionals and nobility with ease. During this time she made connections with Tightpurse, who took an interest in developing and using her talents. She often says that she caught the attention of one of the higher ups and the rest was history.

No one knows how far Talia went in Tightpurse, but her career came to an end on a chance meeting with Angus Silverblade. Their meeting has always been clouded in confusion, something about a missing gemstone, a dead noble, and Angus being the main suspect. Together they managed to clear Angus’ name and finger the actual assassin, who happened to be a Tightpurse goon. No one ever knows what happened to the gemstone.

Talia still lives in Heliogabalus, a testament to her abilities. Tightpurse has labeled her a freelance, but she hasn’t given them any reason to suspect that she’s using her training against them. She is often seen with Angus, and most who know them assume they are now a couple. Any accusations of them “settling down” are quickly dispelled, since the two lovers seem to attract trouble like highly charged lodestones.


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