Tarkos Ree

This swarthy, middle-aged man carries himself like a prince. He is usually shadowed by two large bruisers.


Sixty-three years old, Tarkos Ree dresses the part of a noble of Damara. Always surrounded by at least two bodyguards, he can be seen throughout the city. While most well-to-do merchants and nobles avoid the Nest, Tarkos can walk through the toughest neighborhoods with impunity. He uses that freedom to provide handouts to the poor in these neighborhoods.


Guildmaster of the moneychangers guild of Heliogabalus and cousin to Dimian Ree, Baron of Morov, Mayor of Heliogabalus, Tarkos Ree has his hand on the pulse of every exchange in the city. He is also thought to be the head of the Thieves’ Guild, Tightpurse.

Tarkso walks the streets of Heliogabalus with his two bodyguards as if he owned the city, and those who know who he is part ways to let him pass. While he represents the Moneychanger’s Guild on the Council of Guilds, the Merchants’ Consortium and the Dockworker’s Guild are both in his back pocket, and their representatives on the Council compete to see who agrees with Tarkos first.

As presumed Guildmaster of the thieves of Tightpurse, Tarkos Ree wields as much power in Heliogabalus as his cousin Dimian, and possibly more. Merchants allow him free run of the city, and most Damaran nobles fear to cross him.

Tarkos will throw the full weight of his organization in the path of anyone moving against Dimian Ree. His cousin has dangled a large carrot before his eyes, promising the guild a greatly expanded sphere of influence.

Tarkos Ree

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