Telari Avondal

Telari is the Archmage of the Magician's Guild of Heliogabalus.


Telari is the Archmage of the Magician’s Guild of Heliogabalus. Although she looks far too young for such a responsibility, her gaze reveals a fierce intelligence and insightfulness.


Telari gained her current position through the interference of Baron (and Mayor) Dimian Ree. She was appointed as Archmage, after Archmage Teldon appeared to be critical of the current leadership of the city (saying something akin to letting the inmates run the asylum).

Formerly an apprentice to Baroness Sylvia of Ostel, Telari was a model apprentice and servitor of the baroness, and was the Magus who led the guildhall in Praka. Now as Archmage of the entire Magician’s Guild, she has distanced herself from the Baroness. A position that has not been popular with her former mistress and her ally Baron Ree.

Telari Avondal

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