Teldon appears to all as a kindly, powerful, sarcastic wizard who uses humor as a tool to teach as opposed to punish.


Teldon does not suffer fools lightly (and considers Baron Ree a fool), but at the same time does not go out of his way to offend others.

Teldon is a lanky, tall man with copper-colored skin. His hair is turning gray and since his ouster he has let his beard and hair grow wild. His eyes are brown, and he is always seen in traditional guild robes, right down to the conical hat. He is often seen with an owl, which is likely his familiar.

He has been overheard saying: “These students show promise, but there are days I swear that it would be easier to teach cats to sing!”


Teldon was a powerful wandering wizard who long ago accepted a permanent position as master of the Magician’s Guild. His appointment was viewed positively all around, and it avoided hurt feelings and bruised egos among the rival mages. Since then, Teldon has proved an excellent choice. He has allowed subordinate mages to continue their practice, created a solid curriculum, and not interfered with local laws regarding magic.

Further, during the Bloodstone Wars, he did not upset the apple cart, and has not sought out his own power base at the expense of others. He did not openly oppose Zhengyi, but neither did he join forces with the Witch-King. The other ministers consider him a well-meaning if powerful amateur who is willing to let them do their jobs.

However, a somewhat terse discussion with Baron Dimian Ree concerning the guild’s usefulness to help quell the civil unrest landed Teldon in some hot water. He was overheard calling the Baron “the back end of a Kneebreaker’s pig, with all the sense to boot”

Baron Ree contacted his ally Baroness Sylvia and used the incident to replace Teldon with Sylvia’s apprentice Telari Avondal, although Telari hasn’t yet proven any more helpful.


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