This imposing fighter shows a hint of either Tuigani or Shou blood, having a slightly exotic appearance.


With his imposing size and strength, and a perpetual snarl on his lips, this powerful warrior fights with a wickedly-edged sword.


Before the rise of Bloodstone, Timoshenko served the bandit army as the commander of a brigade dedicated to punitive expeditions. This savage and cruel fighter was perfect for the role!

When the bandit army was thrown down and the monk Kane killed the Grandfather of Assassins, Timoshenko rose to new heights of power. Backed by Arch-mage Knellict, the mighty fighter stepped in as the new Grandfather of Assassins ahead of the cleric Banak. With his power diminished by the fall of his deity, Banak could not openly challenge the awesome power of Knellict and Timoshenko together.


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