Tithus Corelian

Professor of Transmutation, Evocation, and Alchemy


Tithus sports a skinny, well-groomed, russet beard. He always stands tall.

“I am not particularly worried about how long it takes; I do not want to get it wrong.”


Professor of Transmutations, Evocations, and Alchemy at Granmalkin Academy, Tithus is slow and controlled in his work, but impatient with others’ demands. He gives off an aura of confidence that backs up his vast intellect. His attention to detail makes Tithus very proud and assured of himself.

Tithus devoted his entire youth to learning countless obscurities and magical practices, and now he uses all of his skills to expand the reach of academia.

Background: Professor Tithus possesses a rare type of intellect, one that allows him almost perfect recall. He fell in love with learning at a young age and proceeded to pursue every academic avenue open to him. Quickly memorizing all of the mundane academic books presented to him, he turned his eye and sponge-like brain to more complex magical pursuits, excelling at those as well and becoming a much-loved professor.

While his memory is impressive, it is his careful and cautious approach that has brought him the most success. Few of his experiments have ever gone wrong, as he takes the time to verify his formulae and double check his work. This annoys some, but none can argue with the results. Professor Tithus is not very adaptable, and often scoffs at untested and new advances, preferring the tried and true methods.

Tithus Corelian

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