Tygart Varvatos

Old, grizzled Rageborn Cleric of Tempus in Palischuk


An old, grizzled Rageborn, Tygart has seen much in his time. His hair is almost white now, a rarity for the Rageborn, and his body bears the scars of many battles. He has The symbol of the Lord of Battle, a silver sword on a blood-red shield, tattooed on his right forearm (his weapon hand), and always wears his battleaxe, Blood Fury, on his belt.


A follower of Tempus, Tygart lived through the Bloodstone Wars as a member of Colgran’s armies. Though the battles were glorious, Colgran’s disregard for his soldiers infuriated the young Rageborn priest. On many occasions, when Bloodmarch Hill (now Palischuk) was being attacked, Tygart would be the one leading the defense of the settlement while Colgran sat in his Ivory House, surrounded by the bones of the dead.

Some say it was Tygart who led the rebellion against Colgran when the bandit armies fell to in the Battle of Bloodstone Pass. Certainly, the fire of his spells was instrumental in dealing with Colgran’s troll “pets”.

Tygart Varvatos

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