Verbaun Tal

Headmaster of Apprentices at Granmalkin Academy


Verbaun Tal is slim and quite stately, standing 5’10” tall. He always dresses well, favoring velvet waistcoats and jackets. His hair is black with a few streaks of gray, his eyes are pure green and often hidden behind a pair of gold framed glasses. He walks with a silver shod walking stick. Tal cannot resist showing off his education and peppers his speech with substantial and erudite words.


It is Tal’s task to insure that the training of apprentices at Granmalkin Academy is maintained at the highest level. He is good at his task, which unfortunately means that most of the masters consider him an officious busybody The apprentices have mixed feelings about him, they know he wishes to help but he often makes their lives much harder by his visits.

Tal has drawn up a list of minimum achievements in skills and magical ability an apprentice should have at the end of each year. Tal travels to insure that these levels of training are maintained throughout the Order. He occasionally takes over teaching a group of apprentices to bring up levels of training in one city or another. The only things that divert him from his task are a new style of teaching to study or historical records of early teaching methods.

Verbaun Tal

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