Vintra Marktunsel

"I'm tellin' ya, that one, she's got some dwarf blood in her for sure."


A small red-haired hin with spectacles, Vintra seems like she would be more at home in a library that in a busy guildhall. Vintra Marktunsel has built her families fortunes through shrewd trading and making friends and business contacts. She is all business in the guildhall, but opens up in those rare times she is not working. Those who meet Vintra socially see her warm smile and expressive features, but at work she is hard as steel – and she’s very good at what she does.


Vintra Marktunsel took over as head of the Chicane Guild, a guild of spice merchants who move Kara-tur spices from Thesk to the people of Faerun among other enterprises. The Chicane Guild has branches in Thesk, Impiltur, and Sembia, and Damara, with Vintra heading up the Damaran branch. Though Damara may seem out of the way, Vintra actually has more control of the guild than any other branch leader.

Though the Chicane Guild’s main base of operations is in Trailsend the capital of the Barony of Polten. Vintra also has several buildings and warehouses in the Merchant Quarter of Heliogabalus, Vintra has a lot of pull in Trailsend and in Damara. Though she keeps her guild out of the current politics, she has sites in every province capital and does a good business trading Kara-tur spices to the dwarven enclaves of the Bloodstone Lands.

Vintra Marktunsel

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