William Horgath

Nicknamed the Lazy by his people (though not in earshot). William sits on the ducal throne of Arcata and regularly drinks himself into a stupor.


Duke William Horgath is the last in a long line of House Horgath. Bald, with a growing paunch, William began the Bloodstone Wars with a surprise attack against Bloodstone Village.


That attack ended in abject failure for the older William. The commander of his Ducal Guard, Myrkos, returned a supporter of Gareth Dragonsbane. Most of Arcata are in support of the new king, leaving William feeling very isolated.

He regularly corresponds with Dimian Ree of Morov and Sylvia Praka of Ostel, but he (perhaps rightfully) assumes that his correspondence is being read by supporters of Dragonsbane.

William sits on his Ducal throne, regularly drinking himself into a stupor. He hates Dragonsbane with a passion, but is intelligent enough to understand that he would be removed from power by his people and the Ducal Guard should he openly oppose the new king.

William Horgath

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