Woodamine Sporf

This rock gnome warrior has a disarming smile and quick reflexes.


Woodamine Sporf (Woody to his friends) is a strong, sinewy rock gnome approaching middle age. At 88 years old, Woodamine still keeps himself in fighting shape, and its needed defending the village he now calls home. His black hair sticks straight up, and his blue-gray eyes twinkle when he grins.


Woodamine Sporf, Woody to his friends, started this game as a mercenary. A few years ago, he was hired by a team of adventurers led by Kraig Karridian in Sembia to escort a band of pilgrims to the capital of Ordulin. From there, he stayed with the group as they undertook several adventures across the Eastern Heartlands and up around the Moonsea. Soon the group leader began seeking a magical quiver. The mage he approached agreed as long as he “rescued” a Dragonslaying sword and brought it to the paladin Gareth Dragonsbane in Damara.

Facing giants, dragons and undead, the party eventually rescued the magical sword Dragonslayer and brought it to Damara. Kraig and his ranger ally Gellor Shadow-Stalker eventually began construction on a keep in Vaasa, over the old ruins of Moortown. The fellowship split at that point, with Woodamine, Angus Silverblade, Bluto Fleetfoot and others heading back to Damara to continue their adventures.

Pogamus, Gellor, the cleric Kitara, and the wizard Garath Blackhand (now known as the Mistmaster) stayed in Vaasa with the goal of claiming a piece of that wilderness for themselves.

Angus and Bluto soon proved difficult companions, so Woodamine took his fortune and decided to seek out the gnome village in Damara known as Rosebriar. His first few years in Rosebriar saw him leading the village against a goblin warband, defeating several rampaging ankheg and fighting off a giant who had wandered down from the Earthspurs. Soon he was named Sheriff.

Woody used the coin he earned as an adventurer to purchase the abandoned Castle Actia from the human family who owned it. The work on rebuilding the castle to gnomish specifications has started. While the forest gnome families (The BeyWinns and the BoldBerrys) may be in charge, Woodamine has become the face of Rosebriar.

Woodamine Sporf

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