Xenos Sunstrider

Lightly skinned human caster with calming aura around him


5.9’ 150 pounds human

Pale skinned, different colored eyes , shaved head

A trained healer wearing the symbol of Ilmater around his neck and the robes of the Order of the Yellow Rose.
Equipped on his side is a component pouch filled with healing materials and components for his spells.
Also carrying a staff in one hand with his free hand at the ready to cast any spell he sees fit for the situation.


I was born touched by a gods high atop the Earthspur mountains.

As i was told by Cantoule, my parents were killed by bandits and i was saved by passing paladins en route to the monastery for praying. When he inspected me he noticed i had an aura around me and my eyes were different colors. Taking this as a sign of the gods he adopted me into the order and taught me the art of healing and magical sorcery.

When i got older my urge to figure out why i was chosen got stronger, i reached out in meditation to the celestial planes and came into contact with a Ki-rin.
There it talked to me and told me the truth of my lineage, I’m a recurring mortal avatar of the god Ilmater, which he is tied to protect and in time lend its power.

As a reward for reaching out to him with my own power, it was time. A mythical aura surrounded me as one of my eyes became his and a pact was complete. With this newfound power i was able to see in many forms of darkness and heal far more wounds than i was capable of before.

One day a group calling themselves the magnificent seven appeared at the monastery and told a chilling story. With this information Cantoule agreed to lend me to their cause and help rid the blood stone lands of the evil that is growing.

Xenos Sunstrider

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