Tales of the Bloodstone Lands

23rd of Tarsakh, A typical afternoon in the life of Ser Buckthorn Beywinn

The sound of metal clanging on metal ring out from the open doors of Weird Wingham’s Weapon Emporium followed by grunts and shouts, both angry and instructorial

“That’s it! Now strike while exposed! Harder! Expect the counter!!”

“My grandmother hits harder than you!”

A small group of women dither about and try not to be obvious while glancing lustily into the shop from the busting market place set up inside the Vaasan Gate. A tall muscular Rageborn wielding a mace and battle axe smash and slash at an unusually large gnome wielding twin scimitars countering with incredibly reckless strikes.

“See, the axes weighted you down. Now spin! Seize the advantage! Slash!! See that didn’t hurt And you landed the blow!

As the duo dance about the shop in a whirlwind of feints, attacks, tumbles, and snarky repartee it becomes clear to the onlookers that the weapons are dulled training ones as both men’s shirtless torsos are merely covered in bruises and sweat instead of blood and mortal wounds. Although for the amount of blows landed both the grey skin of Orbash and pasty white and freckled skin of Sir Beywynn have far fewer bruises then would be expected. As the last hourglass sands come to end the training session the warriors clasp forearms and applaud talent and skill shared.

“Thank you for the training session Orbash. I will heed your advice and alter my fighting style. Thank you my brother by another mother.”
“Where’s my 100 gp”

They share a tankard of ale and swap stories as they convince two lasses from the market place, Haley a plump merchant’s daughter from Valls for Orbash and Hemma a cocky she-dwarf miner from Orothiar Hall for Buckthorn, to join in on another tankard help apply tincture and ointments as to help reduce the harm of the bruising from the training session.

“Buckthorn, we are out of ale”
“Have no fear Orbash, I shall get another tankard.”
“How about instead you boys lock the shop door and we can have a round of ole ‘storm the tower’ How’s that sound to you Henna”
“Sounds like a great idea Haley, Well at least that bath I took yesterday when I arrived will go to good use, Now lock the gate you pretty Gnome and let’s see if that battering ram you’ve been bragging of can take down this gate”

click of door locking—-



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