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Founded on one of the original sites of civilization at Heliogabalus, Northrow dates back to a time when the city was divided into smaller, walled encampments. Northrow was and is controlled by the Ree family. Many people who work as servants within the city or as seasonal laborers in the surrounding farms live in mostly residential Northrow. Many active adventurers also settle here, due to its proximity to Bricktop, the Foreign Quarter, the Naval Shipyards, and a number of taverns and inns.

The eastern end of the district is split between Mariner’s Corner, which plays host to the small navy of Heliogabalus, and Redtorch, one of the city’s “red-light” districts, offering sailors and adventurers a variety of enjoyable ways to part with their coin. To the west, North Green is a large open area. Once exclusively a city park, it has always been home to the animal handlers guild, which now shares the Green with the Monastery of the Crystal Mind. A large area of North Green now plays host to the North Market.


Population: 5,551. Northrow is more diverse than other districts in the city due to its proximity to the Foreign Quarter, and its attraction for adventurers and sailors.


The District Administration here is left pretty much alone. Nameless and faceless bureaucrats appease the four guilds who provide oversight, since the guilds are evenly split in their desires for the district, there is a lot of room for the administration to do as it pleases. Bribes are a way of life for the people of Northrow, but the district has fewer problems with Tightpurse than districts closer to the Old Quarter.

District Guard

For some reason, many citizens of Northrow seem angry with their city watch, saying it does nothing to prevent crime. Some local merchants, however, are fairly pleased with it. The Watch officers here always seem to have money to spare and are content. They report there is little actual crime in this quarter.

Captain Darlos Garvil owns a large home near the station. He spends a lot of the watch’s resources rounding up drunken sailors and patrolling Redtorch while publicly lamenting that he doesn’t have the men to follow up on break-ins and extortion rackets.

Main Industries

The guilds of this district are a disparate lot, the Stonemasons and the Animal Handlers guilds are fairly conservative and tend to stay out of district administration, sending only a few of their lesser officers to Northrow’s administration office, while the Innkeepers’ and Mariners’ guild take a more hands-on approach, though both guilds tend to be supportive of the more “festive” industries of the district. The Mariners’ Guild because it keeps their sailors happy and the Innkeepers guild (which includes festhalls, gambling parlors and brothels) because it brings in the cash.

Important People

  • Captain Galon Erantor is the head of the Heliogabalus Navy and technically reports directly to the Baron.
  • Captain Darlos Garvil is the head of the Northrow Watch
  • Tarkos Ree is the head of the Laborers’ Union based in The Nest and cousin to Baron Dimian Ree. Ree Manor is located in Northgreen Commons and the Ree’s have extensive business holdings and warehouses in Northrow.
  • Most Watchful High Priest Gallar Hincas
  • Master Ivar leads the Monastery of the Crystal Mind located on North Green.

The Neighborhoods

Northrow Center

N1. District Admin Office
N2. District Court House
N3. District Revenue Office
N4. City Guard Barracks
N5. Hall of Eternal Vigilance (Church of Helm)
N6. Emerdan’s Trade Goods
N7. Bust of Petros Ree (Radu)
N8. The Bridge of Blood Tavern
N9. Petros’ Ditch Tavern
N10. The Tall Mug (Tavern)
N11. The Rusty Dagger (Tavern)
N12. Magistrate Bellis

Hightower Croft

N13. Hightower
N14. Stonemason’s Guild House
N15. Blue Dragon Inn
N16. The Solitary Knight Inn
N17. Lucor’s Scrolls Tavern
N18. Greengrocer Liam
N19. Lamps and Torches
N20. Shazzik the Armorer
N21. The Grinning Mammet
N22. Sword’s Gleam (swordsmith)
N23. Dryv’s Cloth Emporium

Mariner’s Corner

N24. Mariners Guildhall
N25. The Jolly Otter (Inn)
N26. The Mermaid’s Kiss Tavern
N27. The Anchor & Compass Tavern
N28. Akarios, Shipwright
N29. Stroud’s Cuts

Northgate Plaza

N30. The Black-Heart Lily
N31. Northgate Inn
N32. Dragonfly Tavern
N33. Giant’s Slumber Tavern
N34. Polendur’s Outfitters
N35. Black Nag Stables
N36. The Black Rose (apothecary and herbalist)

North Green

N37. Animal Handler’s Guild House
N38. North Market
N39. Fountain of Dark Abundance
N40. Monastery of The Crystal Mind
N41. Spire of Rhan

Northgreen Commons

N42. Innholders Guildhall
N43. The Hart and Harrow Inn
N44. The Plough Tavern
N45. The Harvest Moon Tavern
N46. Boris Nikoli’s grocery
N47. Martina Blossombath, Pastry stand
N48. Mathymna’s Bathhouse
N49. Ree Manor
N50. Ree Warehouses


N51. Hippogriff Inn
N52. The Gored Ox Tavern
N53. Desmond’s Dive (Tavern)
N54. Golden Coin Gambling House
N55. Tossig’s Den (burlesque, festhall)
N56. Velvets
N57. Carnival Costumes
N58. Plaza of Dark Delights
N59. Shrine of the Black Virgin


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