Heliogabalus - Old Quarter


The Old Quarter has the same narrow streets and same tightly-packed humanity as the Nest, but crime, while frequent, is not quite as prevalent. In fact, the Nest resembled this neighborhood a great deal about 40 years ago.


Who Rules: The grocer’s Guildhall and the Leatherworkers’ Guildhall both reside in the Old Quarter, many of the other guilds have left the district, leaving the administration of the district short on oversight. While the churches (especially the Triad) attempt to help, they have been firmly told that they don’t qualify as a guild and therefore cannot exercise those same rights. This suits the nameless bureaucrats well. An appointment to the Old Quarter administration office usually ends up being very lucrative, off the books that is.

1. District Administration Office
2. District Revenue Office
3. District Court House

District Guard

Leader: Lady Kythus Finch, Captain of the Guard leads a beleaguered district watch. There are never enough resources, and Lady Finch feels like she is barely keeping her head above water.

Main Industries

The Old Quarter houses the main temples and churches of Heliogabalus. Once the center of the city, and the second oldest district after the Nest, the Old Quarter has a bit of everything. The Old Quarter is a poorer residential district, anyone who can afford more has moved out. The Grocers’ Guildhall and the Leatherworkers’ Guildhall house the two major industries of the district.

Important People

Patriarch Ollver Jowett of the Triad and Patriarch Alek Nidel of the House of Nature have an ongoing rivalry and openly compete for worshipers. It is said that the two men loath each other, even if the faiths these two churches represent are not in direct competition.

Temples and Shrines

4. Great Church of the Triad
5. House of Nature
6. Shrine of Valkur.
8. St. Kruskien Monastery.
9. Library of Oghma

Guilds or Major Organizations

7. Hall of the Order of the Golden Cup
10. Grocers Guildhall
11. Leathersellers’ Guildhall
12. The Street Dreamers Gang
41. Mercenaries’ Brotherhood

Inns and Taverns

13. Open Door Boarding House.
14. Elk Horn Boarding House
42. The Caverns (apartments)
43. Squill’s Tenements

16. The Splintered Diamond Inn
19. The Baron’s League Inn
20. The Dancing Medusa Inn
21. The Prior’s Scroll Inn
23. The Graceful Swan (Inn)

15. The Bawd and Minister Tavern
17. The Wassailing Wolf Tavern
18. Dancing Ogre Tavern
22. The Tavern on the Shore

Shops and Services

26 Fasha’s Market (general store)
27 The Keyhole (locksmith)
28 Geeridan’s (outfitters)
29 The Begging Bowl (low-class eatery and food pantry)
30 Tangled Net (nautical supplies)
31 The Ferret Hole (scribe)
32 The White Wasp (herbalist)
33 Double Daggers (weaponsmith)
34 Wulfric’s Tannery (armorer and leatherworker)
35 The Keen Edge (weaponsmith)
36 Roolesh the Bricklayer
37 Natick Nimblefingers (tailor)
38 The Water Clock (artificer, clockworks)
39 Aithne’s Coins, moneylender and pawnshop
40 Vesper’s Pawnshop

Other Points of Interest

24. The Fishbowl (brothel)
25. Aquae Flavianae (Bath House)
44. Tremelo’s Bath House
45. Grand Playhouse (theater)
46. The Merry Players (street performers)
47. Last Chance (gambling house)
48. Palace of Oddities (museum)
49. Pacis Bellanic Studium (School)
50. Ruined temple of St. Rybich (ruined temple of Ilmater)
51. Column of Florin Osteropol (famed knight)


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Heliogabalus - Old Quarter

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